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International Journal of Higher Education Management (IJHEM)
 (Online) ISSN 2054-9857

IJHEM is a peer-reviewed journal and is a research publication platform for international scholars. Their research can be in any aspect of teaching & learning covering the interests of developed and emerging countries alike. The main aims of the Journal are:

  • Publish high-quality and scholarly empirical-based research papers, case studies, and reviews in all aspects of teaching & learning, education management, and leadership with theoretical underpinnings.
  • Offer academics, practitioners, and researchers the possibility of having in-depth knowledge and understanding of the nature of teaching and learning practices and.
  • Create a forum for the advancement of education management research for the higher education sector.

Authors are invited to submit their original research papers to the next edition of the Journal. Although broad in coverage, the following areas are indicative and nurture the interests of the Journal with an “Education Management” underpinning

Subject coverage

  • Educational policy and Policy impacts on education
  • Management of education and Relations between lecturers and students
  • Psychology of education, Psychology of student and teacher/lecturer
  • Quality of education and Improvement method
  • Global Education and Its challenges and Opportunities
  • E-teaching/E-learning, Educational software, and multimedia for education
  • Teacher Education
  • Distance education and Education Quality
  • Methodology of educational research, Adult and continuing education
  • Special education, Gender, diversity and difference, Vocational education
  • Assessment processes and mechanisms
  • Language Education, Listening, and acoustics in education environment
  • Education History
  • Innovative teaching and Learning methodologies; Multi-virtual environment
  • Application of educational technology
  • Education reforms and Practical teaching reform

Frequency:                                                   Twice a year (February and August)

Review process:                                          Double Blind peer review
Length of time to complete review:        6-8 weeks
Waiting time after acceptance:                2-3 months after receiving the acceptance

Preference will be given to papers that are conceptually and analytically strong and have empirical relevance. All papers will be reviewed according to the Journal’s criterion. The Journal’s website is

For further information, please write to the Editor at   


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